Suk Won Kang

Sukwon is in charge of the R&D team, particularly resin & prepreg. He has worked at Hankuk Carbon since 1999. His main responsibility is the development of various carbon prepreg. His R&D team has experience of various resin formulation technologies such as fast cure, fire retardancy, high toughened and High Tg resin system, etc.

Jongsung Park

Jongsung is in charge of Manufacturing of Carbon UD/Fabric Prepreg. He had worked in R&D of Hankuk Carbon for 17 years to develop new prepregs and their resin systems before being nominated as GM of production division in 2019. Based on his work experience in R&D, he has a wealth of experience in Technical Service for customers in various applications using HC’s materials.

Paul Gallen

Paul is responsible for Hankuk’s European sales. Paul is committed to adding value and improving service for Hankuk’s customers. Using his 25 years’ experience of leading new developments and commercialization in composite materials, products and processes, Paul helps customers realise novel and effective solutions that are able to be manufactured at high rate and yield.

Harrison Byoungha Min

Harrison has a wealth of experience in strategic planning, business development and finance. After a successful career with Samsung, Harrison began his career in composites with Hankuk where he has worked since 2013. Harrison was nominated as Director of Hankuk Composite UK in 2019.